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Which 7 Stages of a Relationship are You in?

Take me back to the days when you used to throw a balled up piece of paper at some poor sod’s head with the question, “Will you go out with me? Yes or No?” Only for it to be passed back 10 seconds later, (hopefully with a solid yes) and then you’d crack on with carving their initials into your hand with a grotty compass…

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Can You Be Over 30, Single and Successful?

“30 was so strange for me. I’ve really had to come to terms with the fact that I am now a walking and talking adult. -C.S. Lewis” Secondary school has a lot to answer for. Let’s ignore the examinations, group peer pressure and having to go anywhere every day for 8 hours with a face full of spots and humming underarms. The final years of…

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Contacting The Men That Have Ghosted Me

In a dark, dark house, down some dark, dark stairs there is a place known as singledom, where a girl lays holding a phone and looking at it pleadingly. Where once existed a plethora of love heart emojis and ‘you up?’ messages, now only an empty dialling tone endures. This girl has been ghosted. Previously a fleshy, warm being laid between her arms, now a…

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5 Self Care Hacks for the Perpetually Poor

Open up Instagram on a Sunday night and there will be a deluge of ‘Self Care’ photos popping up on your feed. If it’s not influencers smothering themselves in liquid gold facials or smearing fish eggs on their vulvas is it even self care? There isn’t a piece of the internet that doesn’t see people delving into baths with their £150 candle smelling of fox…

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How to Overcome Anxiety as a Solo Traveller

When I was 18, I remember viewing people who struggled with depression or who constantly talked about ‘how to overcome anxiety’ as somewhat different to me. Whilst I sometimes felt a bit rubbish about my weight or whether or not anyone would ever fancied me, I had experienced a relatively sheltered existence. I had never really had to ‘feel anything’ too strong and the thought…

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Speed Dating Adventures: And then there was him – Part 3

This is the final post of my 3 part speed dating adventures. If you haven’t caught up on my previous forays into speed dating then you can catch part 1 and part 2 before reading on. And then his cab pulled up and I saw him and he looked at me with those old blue eyes and smiled, the electricity from the look pulsed between…

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Speed Dating Adventures: The First Dates – Part 2

If you haven’t read Part 1 of my speed dating adventures then you can do so – here. …And then the bell rung and a call went out; “Let the speed dating commence.” My friend and I look around bleary eyed. Perhaps pumping alcohol into my veins at breakneck speeds on a dinner of crisp sandwiches and anxiety was not such a good idea. I…

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Speed Dating Adventures: My First Foray into Dating in Real Life- Part 1

“I am done with dating apps, I am going speed dating” If you haven’t heard me say I am deleting all my dating apps 100 times this year, are you even my friend? I have been using Tinder/POF/All the others throughout my singledom, and realistically they have been my only avenue to meeting people I want to bone. I am a socially award pickle, convinced…

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Gin and Tonic Cupcakes: That Time I Ruined a Date with a Cake

Pull up a seat, and pour yourself a gin and tonic, and let me tell you about the time I made an absolute fail of myself through the use of cake. I know, I hear you shouting, “But Cara, how can anyone fail when cake is involved?” Well, my friends, this is me you’re talking about, and if there is a will, there is a…

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Annoying Dating Cliches That Couples Say to Single People.

When I was single in my 20’s, talking about my dating life was an exciting, raucous affair that my friends and I would undertake over a bottle of Rosé and a packet of Doritos. They were discussions filled with hope and optimism about what the future may hold for me and how this all fitted into my meticulously scheduled, 10 year plan. In my 30’s, chats about…

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