101 things in 1001 days.

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For the last decade I have had the same New Year’s Resolution:


I always felt that if I nailed my weight loss, I would be happier, better, more content. In 2017, I learnt that I didn’t need that one thing to find contentment in my life, and in fact I was a happy little bean without it’s presence. I never really achieved it, and sure sometimes I would be thinner, or fitter, and sometimes I would be fatter and more out of breath. I was just never happy, and so the resolution continued, each year without fail. In 2017, I ditched the diet and with that my longest held resolution fell to the wayside. So what’s a girl to do now? Enter, mysister, who suggests that rather than New Years resolutions, you create 101 things you would like to achieve in 1001 days. Little goals, Longer term goals, pipe dreams, all in a hand 2 and a half year package. I am up for the challenge, so here we go:

Rules: Goals have to be easily measurable but a bit of a stretch. Start date: 1st January 2017. End date: 28th September 2020.

Blog Goals

(Because, World, I have some aspirations and blogging is a big one)

1. Blog 52 times in one year (12/52)
2. Buy a camera and learn how to bloody use it (Camera purchased but I have no idea what I am doing!)
3. Pay for a professional photo shoot and dress up dreamingly and not pose like an avacado
4. Go to a Bloggers event and Network (Soton Bloggers Event September 2018)
5. Meet up with an internet friend who inspires me and learn all the things (Done, Met with Vix Meldrew on the 20.05.2018)
6. Create my own website and understand all the bloody terms I don’t get like – ‘Media Kit’ (Completed it Mate)
7. Contribute to another blog (JigTalk January 2019)
8. Take a basic photography course
9. Learn how to use photoshop/basic photo editing
10. Subscribe to 20 different blogs

Family and Friends

(Because having people around me is bloody lovely, and I should show them this once in a while

11. Send 3 care packages to 3 friends for no reason
12. Bake an afternoon tea for friends
13. Take a genetics test and trace my ancestry
14. Baby sit for a friend overnight
15. Host a dinner party
16. Take a friend for coffee somewhere new
17. Give a friend a ‘free’ day and take their mini mes on an adventure
18. Make a friend whilst travelling and stay in contact with them. (made 6 pals)
19. Go running with a friend, spend time talking after and generally feeling great.
20. Send flowers to someone I care about.
21. Host a self care night for my besties (face masks, wine and good food).


(Because 2018 is when I stop planning and actually stop doing. I can’t find life in my bed with Netflix. I have tried, not happening)

22. Take a weekend trip to Dublin
23. Watch the sunrise from the beach (Hello Thailand!)
24. Travel to 5 UK cities I have never been before (York)
25. Eat a Thai Green Curry in Thailand (Consumed in Bangkok)
26. See a musical on Broadway
27. See the Northern Lights
28. Go to a cookery class in Vietnam (Didn’t get round to it :()
29. Sip gin cocktails with a friend in a foreign country (Drank in Koh Samui)
30. Have a Thai massage in Thailand (90 minutes of bliss achieved)
31. Volunteer to walk dogs at the local dog pound
32. Stay in a treehouse for a night
33. Go to a Full Moon/Half Moon/Black Moon party in Koh Phangan (Didn’t get there -boo)
34. Swim in an empty infinity pool
35. Have a dip in a natural spring
36. Stay in a villa for one with a private pool and pretend I’m Puff Daddy.

Self Improvement 

(Because ‘losing weight’ isn’t my focus anymore, but it doesn’t mean I couldn’t do with a little tweak here and there)

37. Read 10 best selling novels
38. Move up to Advanced pilates classes
39. Go on a yoga retreat (May 2018, done)
40. Attend my first Park Run
41. Run the Great South Run
42. Learn how to make Espresso Martinis (Done – and posted)
43. Bake bread
44. Take a hot yoga class
45. Go internet free for one weekend
46. Take part in a spin-a-thon
47. Get rid of my foot tattoo (cheesy quote included)
48. Get my back tattoo covered up
49. Create a staple wardrobe
50. Meditate every day for a fortnight
51. Learn to braid my own hair
52. Buy proper eyeshadow brushes and learn how to do my eye make up like an insta goddess
53. Lift 100kg Dead Lift
54. Complete a fun run where I get to dress up in stupid shit
55. Turn off all electronics by 10pm for one week
56. Make croissants from scratch
57. Learn to do a handstand
58. Watch 20 documentaries (Cowspiracy)
59. Have a session of acupuncture
60. Learn to Belly dance
61. Create a self care box for tougher times.
62. Take part in a protest for a cause that I believe in.
63. Donate to 10 friends charitable causes

Serious Life Stuff

(I am 32, thirty fucking two, and I should probably grow up a tad and stop spending all my money on McDonalds drive thru)

64. Create an achievable savings plan for a house deposit and stick to it!
65. Attend a Help to Buy event and gain financial advice (completed April 2018)
66. For one month, take a full hour lunch break
67. For one month make all packed lunches (no bought lunches out)
68. For 2 months there will be no online shopping
69. Buy Property (house, flat, shed…hovel)
70. For one month, no new unessential purchases (Petrol/Food etc not included)
71. Pay off credit card


(Because singledom has been glorious, but I should probably try and entertain a gentlemen friend every now and again, even if it’s only so I leave the house once a week)

72. Go speed dating (Completed June 2018)
73. Go on a blind date set up by friends
74. Go to a singles event which is not speed dating
75. Buy a set of underwear that is neither practical or functional…just because. (Completed October 2018_
76. Join a paid dating website for one month (completed it…no dates)
77. Block any fuck boys from 2017 onwards (all social media included…must avoid Zombies). (done)

Fun Life Stuff

(Because life should be fun and doing things solely for that purpose makes my heart warm)

78. Go to the cinema on my own on a Sunday afternoon
79. Drink cocktails up the Shard
80. Have a facial (Completed October 2018 at Champneys Forest Mere)
81. Go for High Tea at the Ritz
82. Take myself out for a picnic in the sunshine
83. Watch all episodes of The Wire
84. Buy myself a bouquet of white roses (14/01/2017)
85. Go to a secret cinema event
86. Take a 1 second video of my life everyday for 365 days
87. Go on a girly weekend away
88. Go to a live gig
89. Watch IMDB’s Top 100 films
90. Go to a vineyard and actually taste wine (No downing it)
91. See a burlesque show
92. Go and see 3 awesome female comedians live (Luisa Omeilan, Nov 2018)
93. Go to ‘Ladies Day’ at the races and dress fannncccyyy
94. Eat at 20 local restaurants I have never been before
95. Go to a boxing match
96. Escape to a cosy B&B for a night
97. Dance until sunrise (Because I am 32 not 82)
98. Go to a Teppanyaki restaurant and pretend I am in every rom com movie ever whilst joking with the chef making rice volcanos
99. Camp at the Isle of Wight Festival and don’t cry when you can’t blow dry your hair (Done, June 2018)
100. Wear a bikini (Wore 2 in Thailand and Vietnam)

101 Save £5 for every one of the 101 things I achieve

My plan will be to update this list as I complete it. Sure some of them are pipe dreams, I mean Vietnam, Thailand, Iceland and New York in 2 years….sure hun. But lets give it a go.

Wishing you all a very happy New Year and an amazing 2018. Do you have any new years resolutions in the bag? Thinking of trying the 101 things? I would love to hear about them.