My Skincare Favourites

Before I was a part time blogger and a full time mess, I used to work on a well known beauty company on their counter in a rather depressing department store near my home town. The job was dull with a capital ‘D” but what wasn’t boring was the delicious amount of freebies I got whilst working there. I used to slather £200 creams on my face and body like there was no tomorrow and in my early twenties I had a skincare regime most people would trample over hot coals for. And then I got all inspired and decided to change the world and off to university I plodded for a second time, leaving my enviable discount and spot free skin behind.
I have spent lots of time since trying to find affordable skincare that works alongside my mounting student debt. It always appeared that to have good skin you had to go without food, water, all vital amenities. Until a few months ago I came across Bravura. A small London based company, set up by a facial therapist, who was looking for her own products to help with her troubled skin. And like that I fell in love, and I haven’t purchased anything else since. So I thought I’d let you in to my skincare favourites (this isn’t soon, I wish it was, bit I just love these products).


The Cleanser: 

If you pay attention to the world of beauty bloggers at all, or come across the goddess that is Sali Hughes, you will know that make up wipes are so 2012. Terrible for the environment and pretty grim for your skin, the only way to remove make up should be with a cleansing cloth (flannel for the rest of us plebs) and a good cleanser. If you are really going to make your skin shine, you should double cleanse on top of that. Think, one for the make up and day dirt and the second cleanse for the skin underneath.

Bravura offer a range of cleansers depending on skin type but my favourite is their First Cleanse Oil , which is suitable for Dry to Oily skin. Made from organic chamomile, lavender and rosemary oil, the oil attracts the dirt and grime of the day and sweeps it all away. It smells like a getaway at a spa and is sold in an opaque glass bottle which makes my bathroom sink look Instagram worthy. I tend to splash a little warm water on my face, run one pump of the cleaner into my skin and then remove with a warm, wet flannel. The cleanser goes on as oil but as you add water it becomes a milky consistency and leaves my skin feeling clear and smooth without that harsh drying effect of most ‘wash off’ cleansers. This cleanser costs £14.40 for 150ml and you can either use this twice to double cleanse or try another of Bravura’s cleanser. Side Note: I have been double cleansing for 8 weeks and have still not used this entire product.

The Flannel:

Surely a flannel is a flannel right? Wrong. My skin has been changed with the introduction of the Bravura Dermaflannel. Runner up for the 2013 Beauty Awards and a strong favourite of Peter Andre (Did you realise that man is 44 years old, 44!), the Dermaflannel is a face and body flannel which has some kind of magic weave in it which helps erase blackheads, acne, hyper-pigmentation, sun damage, uneven skin tones and mild acne scars. All you have to do is wet it and swipe it across your face and body and somehow poof (!) they’re gone. As mentioned earlier, I suffer from keratosis pillars, which basically means I get these bumpy lumps all over the tops of my arms and thighs and I suffer from a pimply butt. Last week I got naked and was walking to the shower, and my hand skimmed my butt and I had to stop and touch my butt a little longer in surprise at how smooth it was. I have tried everything for my pimply skin, rubbed it red raw with scratchy gloves, smeared it in evil plastic ball exfoliators and body brushed until I had a sweat on, but these pimples remained. Within 2 weeks of using the Dermaflannel my bum, arms, face and legs are as smooth as a babies butt cheeks. I am not even lying. The Dermaflannel costs £11.99 and can be hand washed and reused as and when. 

The Toner: 

After you cleanse, it’s important to prepare your skin for popping on your serums and moisturisers. A toner helps to get rid of any last bits of grime and dead skins cells and a PH balancing toner will balance out your skin to ensure it isn’t a breeding ground for bacteria (which leads to spots). I use the Bravura Revitalising Ginseng Toner with Glycolic Acid 5% which smells incredible and a swipe of this with a cotton pad instantly dries out any hormonal spotty chin issues I may be having. The ginseng gives you a slightly tingly feeling at first but within a few uses this stops, but my skin always feels fresh and clean ready for the rest of my skincare. The Ginseng Toner costs £12.40 for 150ml.  

The Serum: 

I love a serum. I know that’s a weird statement but I honestly believe serum’s are miraculous and one of the greatest additions to skincare as a whole in the last decade. A serum is where you can really identify what bugs you most about your skin and treat it. Do they work? Hell yeah. How do I know this? Well, when I used to work for Estee Lauder, you would often demonstrate products on the back of your hand, and as with everything you would favour one hand over the other. During a training session I was talking to a trainer who was probably in her late fifties and I noticed when talking to her that one of her hands looked about 20 years younger than the other. I kid you not, one of her hands was fifty and the other thirty. Later in the training we were discussing serums and she pointed out her hands and how for the 20 odd years she had been working for Lauder she had been demonstrating their serums on her right hand and the difference was pretty amazing. From then on, I was completely sold in the effectiveness of serums. Now if you have the odd £60 to spend on Lauder serum’s I highly recommend them, but if like me you want to eat this month, then the Bravura Hyaluronic Acid Serum is the one. This super lightweight, oil free serum helps to put the moisture back into dry, lifeless and prematurely aged skin. The use of Hyaluronic acid helps the serum to delve deeper into your skin and give it a plumper, more youthful look. The Bravura Hyaluronic Serum is £16.60 for 50ml. 

The Moisturiser:

Your moisturiser is your ‘piece de resistance,’ it is your base layer for your make up and the final part of any good skin care regime. The Bravura Collagen Moisturising Cream is a versatile moisturiser that you can use day or night. The collagen in this light weight, non greasy cream helps plump and firm your skin and creates a great finish so that you can apply your make up within minutes. One of the main ingredients in this moisturiser is aloe vera gel, and it definitely helps in making this cream feel soothing and nourishing when applied. As with the whole range I have been using, the main purpose of this cream is to reduce fine lines and premature ageing, but also hydrate and nourish my dry combination skin. The skin is velvety without being thick and heavy, which most anti aging moisturisers tend to be. It means you don’t have to worry about your foundation slipping half way down your face because the cream just won’t ‘sink’ in. The only real issue I see with this moisturiser is that it doesn’t have an SPF to protect your skin from sun damage. However, I tend to always wear a foundation with an SPF included, but you could always buy SPF moisturiser to pop on top. The Bravura Collagen Moisturising Cream costs £10.79 for 50ml. 


I have loved changing up my skincare routine and finding products that actually work for me, whilst not being too brutal on my wallet. Oh, and I haven’t booked in for the Botox, so good skincare and a lot of double cleansing for the win. Do you fancy changing up your skincare routine? Let me know if you try any of the Bravura range and what you think.

The Bravura range does not test on animals and the Hyaluronic acid used in their products is made from soya rather than animal proteins. The collagen cream includes milk protein so is not suitable for vegans, however all other products are vegan friendly.